Valentine's Day Goodies

Normally I'm the mom the just shows up to preschool on holidays to volunteer with the party and maybe bring an item or two from the teacher's wish list (this timeI'm bringing frosting and convo hearts).

But some part of me this time went crazy.  I think it's because Bopper had missed so much school and some big class celebrations while we were gone.  I didn't go get the $5 Valentines cards that you can just write names on and pass out.  No I HAD to do something special.  So I fully expect to get those looks of "Oh so you are THAT mom with over the top goodie bags."  Not that it's my norm at all but Bopper (and Sweets) are pretty excited about them and that's what I was aiming for.

Now to the goodies all found from Dejah Vue Designs.

Lollypop holders in mustache and lip shapes.  How fun are these!?    I mean these were super quick.  6 stitched out in my 5x7 hoop on my embroidery machine.  Cut and punch some lollipops through.

I mustache you to be my Valentine!

Pucker up Buttercup. 

Flowers for the teachers.  I thought about making a bunch of them but as a former teacher... I thought they might not want 4-7 lollipops....

He loves me... He loves me not...

And the finale!  Fox masks!  Mr. Viever has been threatening to sing a certain song during my time of stitching and cutting these babies out.  My two have been eagerly awaiting when they can finally break these out and scamper around the house.

One Foxy Valentine
Bopper's Valentine's Day shirt is store bought plain grey shirt until I added that made by mama patch (MY FIRST!) design by Urban Threads: Snuggly Foxes. Just the right theme snuggly and cute!

Happy Valentine's Day!!!


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  1. LOL the lollipop holders make me laugh so hard! They are going to be a hit. Good job, Mama!