The Invasion of the Hobby Horses

Last year I made one little girl's dreams come true earned her aunt a "World's Best Aunt" title with one little hobby horse (pattern from WhimseyWoo Stables on Etsy).  Since making that hobby horse... my kids won't stop pestering me about getting one of their own! So I decided to make them one for Christmas as well as my nieces.  So four horses total.  I started during the summer so I could totally finish by Christmas right?!

Well a monkey wrench got mixed up in my plans.  I managed to have my nieces' horses head done sans pole to take back with us in October and then finished them at my in laws house so they could be stored and hidden until Christmas.  Then I started on my kids' and lo and behold family emergency leading to going back home in November rather than December and my kids were without horsies come Christmas morning.

But not to worry!  I worked on them (reins, stuffing and pole addition to one, and just stuffing and pole addition to the other) as soon as we go home and it was like having a third Christmas, but in January!

Sadly I forgot to take pictures of my nieces'  completed horses before gifting them so maybe later my SIL will take pity on me and send me a few shots.   Theirs were Frozen/Elsa themed and Wizard of Oz/Dorothy themed.  The girls loved them!

Bopper's horse had to be super hero themed.  That was his request.  So I put together a Captain America themed horse for him.  Red, white, and blue!

Embroidered a star (same one that I used for the kids' sibling Capt. America outfits) and hand stitched it to the chest of the horse...  my fingers hated me for days after hand stitching that sucker on.

Sweets actually went fabric shopping with me way back when and picked most of her own fabrics for her horse.  As she's not really into characters yet we went with her favorite color, purple, and made sure each fabric chosen had a little bit of some shade of purple in it.  When we went to pick out ribbon for the reins though I must have caught her on a "I love pink" day as when I tried to show her all the purple ribbons she adamantly said no and then latched onto the pink.  It works, and she's happy.  What more could a mama want?!

In closing, these horses have gotten DAILY play since they got them.  Totally worth all the finger pain from hand stitching.  And now that my fingers have recovered... I already have another one in the planning stages!  Love these hobby horses!


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