Shake it Off: Look 2!

Yay themes!  They make me sew!   This is gonna be short and sweet folks!

 Paisley Roots is having her contest here and you should link up like I am! Here's my second look.

BaBAM!  Look 2 based on the hip hop break dancing people.  Lets be real: I have no idea what type of dancing they're doing there.  I can't do it...that's all I know.

I used the Aurora Tee by Hey June with a few small mods.  I tapered the sleeves more and lengthened the hem but removed the curve...I have enough curves.  Other than that, it was awesome!  Fast, simple and fun.   PEACE OUT!  (told ya it was gonna be a quickie :::That's what SHE said:::)



  1. hahaha! Love your dance moves! The shirt looks amazing on you!

  2. Well your dance moves are the best. I am good at the booty shaking part of hip hop and that is where it ends haha. I should also mention the booty shaking generally only happens in kitchens or showers. It still counts though.I love that shirt. It looks super flattering