Craft-Off- Pie Pie Apron: Contestant #1 "The Apron Chef"

Its time for a Craft-off and its ON.  Crystal here and since I won the last Craft-off with my Lola BAM, I get to do the narrative for the contestants.  This time the gals are making up the Pie Pie Apron offered for FREE by Pie Pie Designs. Thanks, Lisa, for the great pattern!  Make sure you stop by her FaceBook page and give her a like!  She's awesome!

Contestant #1 is Karly!  I call this one "The Apron Chef".

A super cute apron is all that's required to be a great chef.  Forget everything you've heard about cooking school- Move over Le Cordon Bleu.  Who needs it anyway?  All you need is a dash of FABULOUS to cook up a great meal.  Edible ingredients are pushed to the back of the cupboard as the parts of a perfect apron are picked up instead.  Here's the recipe you've all been waiting for.


Adorable, chef-inspired fabric
The BEST free apron pattern you can find
A willing model/chef that just embodies culinary aptitude


Download the FREE Pie Pie apron Pattern
Print it out
Sew it up
Model it


Now go cook some food (it doesn't matter what really- caramel squid, poopoo parfait, steak ice cream). It's guaranteed to turn out amazing since you have a great apron.  That's how it works right?

...maybe that's why my kids don't eat so much. They may even spit food out at times. Hmmmm.

Tune in tomorrow for Contestant #2!!!


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