Upcycle Tutorial: The Birdie Brazier Bistro and Bra Bar

It's Crystal and its Upcycle time!  Who loves nature?  I love nature!  Today’s upcycle gives nature some love by both reusing something instead of throwing it away AND feeding some of its creatures.  Here’s the best way to show your “support” for Mother Nature.

The Birdie Brazier Bistro and Bra Bar

Here’s the tutorial!

For cup sizes A through C- you will be making a bistro
Cup sizes D and up- it’s a buffet

Supplies: Peanut butter, bird seed, a bra
*optional: Small dish, water

Step 1: take your bra and spread peanut butter in one or both cups. Do only one if you plan on having the "bar" option included.  I find it easiest to turn the cups inside out and spread that shiz everywhere.

Step 2: Dip your bra cup in bird seed or sprinkle it on

Step 3: Hang it up!  At this point you can add your dish with water for the “bra bar”. If you notice the weight being uneven, thus making one cup lower, simply adjust your straps.  Everyone has one bigger one- don't feel bad.

That’s it!  Enjoy the view of mother nature’s assets. 

Here are some reviews from happy crafters just like you!

Brianne (Ali Cat & Co.) Says:

"I can’t describe how much I love the Birdie Brazier Bistro and Bra Bar! It has changed the dynamic of our backyard. I set one bra bar up in our gazebo. Within 5 hours we went from a humdrum backyard to our very own aviary! We had Humming Birds, Bluebirds, and the rare Cape May Warbler in our backyard. With that astonishing success, I added two more bra bars, which attracted even more wildlife. My children greatly enjoy chirp singing with the birds and watching them eat out of my old brazier. Two big thumbs up for the Birdie Brazier Bistro!" 

Viever Says:

 "I had always wondered what to do with my size F cups post nursing. This solved all my problems and gave me and the kids something fun to watch during the day. My Birdie Brazier Bistro and Bra Bar is a double buffet for the finest birds around. Before we would get the occasional bird coming within sight in our 2 acre yard, but now with the buffet set up in a prime watch zone my kids are seeing stellar jays, the Virgina Rail, the Western Sandpaper and so many more!"

Mae (The Life of a Compulsive Crafter) Says:

" A must have for spring! I even went and bought a few more thrift store bra's to make gifts. Now all of my family and friends are enjoying the Birdie Brazier Bistro and Bra Bar."

Karly (Paisley Roots) Says:

"It used to be so hard to teach my children about birds. The zoo is so expensive and it was so hard to take family trips out there, but the Birdie Brazier Bistro and Bra Bar has changed it all! My kids now get to see a myriad of birds all in the comfort of their home! Thank you Birdie Brazier Bistro and Bra Bar!"

"Jenn" Says:

"Spring has been so long in coming... there was nothing it was just snow and ice and wind out my window. Then I saw the Birdie Brazier Bistro and Bra Bar! I set out to make one and now there are birds coming to me! Finally! No more frozen dinners for my family!"

Who'd have thought that something that supported the vessels that feed a baby would someday feed nature's creatures?  Its the circle of life...sort of.

OH!  And Happy April Fool’s Day ;)


  1. My birds have a buffet! So cute! Maybe a training bra can be a snack, LOL