Craft-Off- Pie Pie Apron: Contestant #2 "Apron Fable"

It’s Day 2 of the Pie Pie Apron Craft-Off!  Today's contestant comes to us all the way across the internet from Ali Cat & Co.  Brianne's here for another showdown with the SHEs that love her so.  And now, I bring you a fable called “Apron Sisters”

2 sisters were walking along the road one day and stumbled upon a box.  Inside that box was a beautiful apron.  Both sisters tried it on and it was a perfect fit!  

Weeks went by and the Apron was forgotten.

Then one day, the little sister was invited to a party.  She usually avoided parties because she never had anything to wear while baking and she felt that she had to bring a treat for her hosts because she had good manners.  Then it struck her!  The Apron!  She put on the apron and slaved in the kitchen all day making cookies.  A taste here, a taste there, a whole 4 dozen cookies eaten.  She had NOTHING to bring!  She was almost in the depths of despair when she realized that a party is what you make of it...and thanks to this Apron, there was a party in her tummy right now.  So she grabbed a glass of milk and watched some Elmo, perfectly happy with the lesson she learned from her magical Apron.

The older sister had a similar story.  Her dream of becoming a model for the top cooking channel in the world was about to come true!  She received a call from Caramel DeCocoa, the head of the cooking network.  He had seen her work in Food & Frills magazine and wanted her as their new spokesperson for their food tour across the world!  The theme of the series was “Food in Motion; Travelling Around the World”.  This was her big chance to be a world famous food model!  She searched her closet for something to wear to the casting call...Caramel DeCocoa was known for his love of cooking fashion and if she didn’t wear just the right thing, she would definitely NOT get the job.  She couldn’t find anything that would work.  Then...BAM!  The Apron!  The apron had cars and trucks and THINGS IN MOTION!  It would be PERFECT.  She headed to the casting call and got the job.  Her pictures were just perfect.  

Moral of these stories...Crystal is a REALLY bad author

Contestant #3 tomorrow!