I had the opportunity to go to SNAP this last week.


It was fun and amazing and I came back with so much information, many ideas and lots of new friends.

Here's a small recap of my time at SNAP.

Wednesday: Drive up to hotel and take the kids swimming....see super cool bloggers while in my swimsuit walking to the pool.
Send husband and kiddo's packing and head up to the airport to pick up Crystal.
Head to hotel and throw things on the bed and head out to a blogger dinner.

Did I think to get a picture at this blogger dinner??? No. But it was cool.
Crystal and I walk back to the hotel. Pass some creepy people. Get back safely and stay up way too late talking.

Thursday: Wake up and actually get to take a shower by MYSELF. Head to a coffee shop across the street.
Register for SNAP (forget my swag bag and have to go back to get it).
We went on the Thrift Store Tour.
After that was lunch and then sewing up some Kid Shorts.
Then Alex Boye performed at dinner!
Then there was a pajama party with Karaoke and afterwards we went hot tubbing! Whoo!

Friday started off with complimentary breakfast of donuts and orange juice.
Then off to making scarfs, a pillow and then 80's prom! So much fun!

Then Saturday we hit up a lot of the Sponsor booths (again), took a publishing class and got to use some power tools.
We went hot tubbing again, this time with the lovely Virginia Fynes (her site, Fynes Designs, is awesome!) and we got to go through all of our swag!

Then we all had to say goodbye to come home.

I forget one of the best parts! I wasn't going home alone. I brought this baby along with me! WHOO!

Thank you SNAP for such an amazing time!

- Karly


  1. Sew much fun! Yes, I just did that

  2. Sounds like it was a blast! I love your 80s prom outfits. So great :)

  3. Whooo. Congrats on the new sewing machine.

  4. Looks like fun! I recognize the black and red dress as something from Project Runway! How did that get to SNAP?